The rainfall starts an interest.The ex- high school chief state language teacher of Suzhou whom I love and respect wears a strength to sink father and son to die in an accident.The career that fights disorderly pang stired up the aspirant that I rebuild home and finally and positively chose into an university building in Chongqing the center to fasten study.The second chooses.A person's whole life doesn't know to to walk excessive little"intersections", one was curved to become wrong and then can hardly return to a past wishes, therefore choosing of road to the pass is important.There is too many opportunities, change in the life and even have infinite contingency, the change of development, social economy of nation is small problems that go to a family all will be stirring to change direction and even change a person's destiny.The career that looks back me has a few nike free 3.0 v5 onlineimportant"intersections"s:I think into a Sir to recommend to leave for American Kuang river college of art to attend school from beam in 1948 and learn in 1950 after, in response to Mr. Liang believe medium make reference to of invoking of"new China 100 discard to treat interest", the dint Ci is various temptations, resolutely from still occupy for England of Hong Kong, hold in the army and police under via return to country, throw a body to 100 to discard new China that need to be interest to constuct and education in.Now is thought, if stayed in the United States at that time, then had no henceforth to constucted in China for several decades realm in of cultivated and harvested;In 1983, I the year is full 6

0, constructed from the Chin Hua university the department chairman's administration post up backed a bottom, president Zhang Wei invited me to go to establishment building in University of Shenzhen to fasten at that time, I turned down his great kindness, persistence and a teaching assistant, at only have half house, a desk, two under the conditions that sat Deng establishment settled university in China building and graduate school in the city, at present already exactly 30 spring autumns, 30 the middle of the year I develop together with the comrades of graduate school a series of person resides an environmental science of research and fulfillment, at that time if go to Shenzhen, this present life after expect of work then again is another some kind of scene.Similar circumstance one personal whole life doesn't know and experience how much, look back come and go, I from nike free 3.0 v4 comprarreview of so there is no"become wrong" main direction, to a great extent that still "resolve" with early years related.The third insists.Is impossibly Bon voyage on the road of life, is meeting the difficulty persistence or steps back?In regard to one of my career, in spite of is to when young study to attend school, the research and fulfillment after being still old, almost all have the difficulty to need to be faced in everywhere, also unavoidably suffer frustrate.The young man is very easily subjected to frustrate influence but discouragement, hope with everyone here to believe in white the language of China totally encourages:"Not because of difficulty but Cuo ambition, not with honor but complacence"

(Believe in white China Xu Bei Hong and Chinese painting), resolve, want choice, have to even haven't to fear to difficult persistence in the road chosen.The fourth, model.A personal mentor in the growth process will rise important influence.I all get a good teacher to point out luckily at each stages attending school.In 1940 get into central university after building fasten, teacher from our country building realm of pioneer Bao Ding and everybody Sirs like Yang Ting Bao, Liu Dun Zhen and Xu Zhong nike free 3.0 v2 hommeDeng.Return to Chongqing from the anti- day battlefield in Yunnan in 1946, again luckily get the beam think into a Sir to appreciate and get to invite participation to be in conjunction with an establishment a building to fasten.Be recommended to leave for the United States to attend school by Mr. Liang in 1948, the teacher is from the world famous building master Er in the Yi ·sand inside rather.In addition to everybody"good teacher", also have many"good friend"s as models.Botanist Wu Zheng Yi is the gainer of 2007 nation's most high-tech prize, I become friends with him in the Chin Hua park in the 40's in 20th century.We together lived in work word hall at that time and separated hospital window way opposite.He at that time opened an identity is a people alliance member, was in remembrance of to smell in the 1946 Chin Hua university a kill being in remembrance of of one more anniversary will up, he whip Chi situation, I take part in the work of "teach allied meeting" afterwards and mostly have contacts with him, just initial Bian clear situation.Wu Zheng Yi