And the meeting deepen to realize in the middle of gradually "realize suddenly", and continuously strengthen conviction, keep on headway.The Liberation Arm reports a picture at the beginning of September, the shot aviation soldier's troops of air force's lately a Jian resists the air battle contest to investigate to draw back to fight an act.The be so called "gold helmet" air battle of resist in, have this year come from 19 aviation soldier's trips(regiment) of 7 military district air force of 170 Jian shot machine the airplane pilot take part in, about 100 battleplanes launch the biggest air battle in history to resist in the northwest.The war of "gold helmet" represents Chinese air force to resist the tallest level of air battle training and have already held in a row up to now in 20114, air zapatillas nike free run 2force the great majority three machine troops and part two machine troopses all have already participated in to contend for.Is an examination and whet Li the effective platform of air force the Jian shot machine troops true war ability, turn to train acceleration to push forward along with air force's true war, "gold helmet" compare force the difficulty, strength and scale investigating also year by year pass to increase.This year"gold helmet" big match, whole army 19 aviation soldier's units, 170 airplane pilots take part in a game and all create a history new high that has ever had.But the amount of "gold helmet" is compressed 5, "championship unit" also only 5.Is beyond all doubt, this means unprecedented"gold helmet" is at this scale big match in, only each model number resists result

Then the airplane pilot of first can become "gold helmet", its gold content also will more foot.This"gold helmet" resists medium Jian-10 battleplanes have become to take part in of the main model be ever praised as Xu Yong, Ling Da Dun Xiao, of trump card airplane pilot is tried to fly Jian-the Jian of 10 most sorties-10 airplane chiefs tried to fly a member.Yesterday, south all the reporter interviewed Xu Yong Ling and decrypted "gold helmet" to resist a medium unknown detail.The souths are all:What is "gold helmet"'s comparing a martial fixed position ?Xu Yong Ling:"Gold helmet" is a kind of game mode of free air battle that nike free 6.0 ventagradually pushes away in recent years, represents Chinese air force to resist the tallest level of air battle training than the force.The so-called free air battle isn't doing set precondition and height bad, completely at don't know that under the condition both parties organize into teams to carry on of air battle.The souths are all:Take part in ratio force, does the airplane pilot want to have which characters?Xu Yong Ling:To three choose an airplane pilot, since want to complete all basic drivers time to count to train with basic military tactics, still need to carry on free air battle training in the troops at the same time.Ask airplane pilot to have better driver's technique and military tactics mobile ability.Have to have full understand to operation method and effect that drives aero function to include weapon, then the airplane pilot like this can win

Allow "gold helmet" game.The souths are all:"Gold helmet" ratio force isn't a live ammunition to carry on and how guarantee to come close a true war?Xu Yong Ling:The airplane that are all someones to drive than both parties of force, in consideration of safety, using the live ammunition is obviously impossible.But for coming close true war effect, we have a set of forerunner's air battle electronics valuation system now, can imitate an airplane and compare martial of each link, in addition to there being no ammunition blast-off, this system cans make and completely imitates true air battle.At the same time, "gold helmet" training has a certain competition, so even be advantageous to the ability that whets to do the stubborn combat will of airplane pilot, vivid and nike free 5.0 v4 hombremobile military tactics style and blend to the airplane weapon under the sistuation that have no nitric smoke, this kind of mode is us for these several years in order to deepen the difficulty and strength that the air force trains, try hard for to tightly stick a kind of beneficial quest that the true war carries on.The souths are all:Is the championship again how to judge and decide?Xu Yong Ling:"Gold helmet" judges and decides, is expert's personnel who is named by the military authority, pass to take objective record system as mainly according to carry on analysis to evaluate.Analyze to evaluate process to need the data that records to the system to carry on to study very meticulously, shoot a track to judge according to the guided missile(include sail cannon) imitating