, Month sales 20,000-30,000 dollars also bring into to temporary don't need to collect tax scope.Three is enlarge margin support.Adopt business subsidy and increase to measure measures like business reward,etc, the guide guarantee, finance and foreign trade synthesize organizations like service,etc to provide margin service for small tiny business enterprise.Push civil capital to start to establish by law medium the small bank etc. financing institution to make materiality progress.Four is enlarge public finance support.To absorb a small tiny business enterprise of difficult what personnel worked of Na employment, give social insurance subsidy.Government with purchase ways like service,etc, provide a technical ability training, market to expand etc. service for free small tiny business enterprise.Graduate student in the high school arrives a small tiny business enterprise to work, from city, county public employment talented person service organization free preservation file.Five is enlarge small and nike free 5.0+ onlinemedium enterprises particularly item the funds start a business to the small tiny business enterprise support of base, encourage that the place small and medium enterprises support funds to bring into small tiny business enterprise to support scope.Six is the information system that enlargement serves a small tiny business enterprise to constuct, be convenient for the business enterprise to acquire policy information.Guide a big medium-sized business enterprise, charity organization etc. establish a public-spirited fund meeting decision, help a temporary way according to the society, the establishment helps system at the time completely, to situation sudden affairs, accidental injury and heavy disease or other special reason cause

Life be struggling, other society the salvage temporarily can not overaly or after helping basic the life still have the family or individual of serious difficulty and give to meet an emergency, transition salvage, attain Dou bottom line and help meet an urgent need difficult, fill up the society salvage system"lack an item".The salvage practices local government to be responsible for making and helps funds to be included in place budget at the time, the central public finance gives appropriate subsidy.Guide big medium-sized business enterprise, and charity organization...etc. to establish a public-spirited fund, develop the positive effect of good social service organization, volunteer.Social strength participation helps of, by rule enjoy public finance subsidy, revenue from tax special discount, the expenses reduce to don't need etc. policy.At the time salvage implementation circumstance nike free 5.0 v4 ventaperiodically to society public, strengthen to help a funds direct check, seriously check place crowded have to transfer funds and cheat to take behaviors like salvage,etc.Province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Yunnan is original pair chairman Yang Wei Jun.Round-the-world person magazine special contract reporter Yunnan province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in the sand bank is original vice- chairman Yang Wei Jun to become famous at present.Because National Peoples Congress environment and resources protect a committee pair chairman of committee, province Wei original secretary in Yunnan white boon falling of Pei horse, this 92-year-old vice- department class reports a person to be subjected to many concern.On the afternoon of September 4, the round-the-world person magazine reporter arrives at the abode that Yang Wei Jun is located in gold cow in Kunming small area

.Is several through complicated, he finally opens a door and promises the reporter's interview request.At this time, wait for his is much more than a media reporter, also have the far way the villagers who rush through.13 year draw down when the Gao Guan round-the-world person reporter walk into family with Yang Wei Jun hear that the person of not clear identity in neighborhood is shooting to be like, old companion Wang Wan Qi is nervous a while, "I said an excessive little time and made you don't want to go out, how to do safe problem?"Scold a voice in the old companion in, Yang Wei Jun starts to speak about that he reports the nike free 6.0 mujeresprocess of the Pei of white boon."The white boon Pei comes to Yunnan to allow the time of saving the Wei secretary, I have already left to rest, but see arrive a not good phenomenon, and I still need to lift."Yang Wei Jun remembers that that is the end of 2001, the white boon Pei adjusts Wei secretary in Yunnan province from Qing Lake shortly after, the new Kunming construction of"one 4 slices in the lake" drew back prologue.Yang Wei Jun who very pays attention to to construction in the city thinks a this programming existence very great problem, reason is once pushing forward urbanization sport, being greatly dismantling to greatly set up in front, the barbarism advertises for ground and dismantles to move to avoid.And, with existing environment capacity in Kunming and the resources, make to thus and large-scalely build city sport to also be unsuited to proper.Hence, Wei in the province in those early years old staff symposium up, Yang Wei Jun gives white the boon Pei lifted