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business enterprise support

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, Month sales 20,000-30,000 dollars also bring into to temporary don't need to collect tax scope.Three is enlarge margin support.Adopt business subsidy and increase to measure measures like business reward,etc, the guide guarantee, finance and foreign trade synthesize organizations like service,etc to provide margin service for small tiny business enterprise.Push civil capital to start to establish by law medium the small bank etc. financing institution to make materiality progress.Four is enlarge public finance support.To absorb a small tiny business enterprise of difficult what personnel worked of Na employment, give social insurance subsidy.Government with purchase ways like service,etc, provide a technical ability training, market to expand etc. service for free small tiny business enterprise.Graduate student in the high school arrives a small tiny business enterprise to work, from city, county public employment talented person service organization free preservation file.Five is enlarge small and nike free 5.0+ onlinemedium enterprises particularly item the funds start a business to the small tiny business enterprise support of base, encourage that the place small and medium enterprises support funds to bring into small tiny business enterprise to support scope.Six is the information system that enlargement serves a small tiny business enterprise to constuct, be convenient for the business enterprise to acquire policy information.Guide a big medium-sized business enterprise, charity organization etc. establish a public-spirited fund meeting decision, help a temporary way according to the society, the establishment helps system at the time completely, to situation sudden affairs, accidental injury and heavy disease or other special reason cause

Life be struggling, other society the salvage temporarily can not overaly or after helping basic the life still have the family or individual of serious difficulty and give to meet an emergency, transition salvage, attain Dou bottom line and help meet an urgent need difficult, fill up the society salvage system"lack an item".The salvage practices local government to be responsible for making and helps funds to be included in place budget at the time, the central public finance gives appropriate subsidy.Guide big medium-sized business enterprise, and charity organization...etc. to establish a public-spirited fund, develop the positive effect of good social service organization, volunteer.Social strength participation helps of, by rule enjoy public finance subsidy, revenue from tax special discount, the expenses reduce to don't need etc. policy.At the time salvage implementation circumstance nike free 5.0 v4 ventaperiodically to society public, strengthen to help a funds direct check, seriously check place crowded have to transfer funds and cheat to take behaviors like salvage,etc.Province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Yunnan is original pair chairman Yang Wei Jun.Round-the-world person magazine special contract reporter Yunnan province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in the sand bank is original vice- chairman Yang Wei Jun to become famous at present.Because National Peoples Congress environment and resources protect a committee pair chairman of committee, province Wei original secretary in Yunnan white boon falling of Pei horse, this 92-year-old vice- department class reports a person to be subjected to many concern.On the afternoon of September 4, the round-the-world person magazine reporter arrives at the abode that Yang Wei Jun is located in gold cow in Kunming small area

.Is several through complicated, he finally opens a door and promises the reporter's interview request.At this time, wait for his is much more than a media reporter, also have the far way the villagers who rush through.13 year draw down when the Gao Guan round-the-world person reporter walk into family with Yang Wei Jun hear that the person of not clear identity in neighborhood is shooting to be like, old companion Wang Wan Qi is nervous a while, "I said an excessive little time and made you don't want to go out, how to do safe problem?"Scold a voice in the old companion in, Yang Wei Jun starts to speak about that he reports the nike free 6.0 mujeresprocess of the Pei of white boon."The white boon Pei comes to Yunnan to allow the time of saving the Wei secretary, I have already left to rest, but see arrive a not good phenomenon, and I still need to lift."Yang Wei Jun remembers that that is the end of 2001, the white boon Pei adjusts Wei secretary in Yunnan province from Qing Lake shortly after, the new Kunming construction of"one 4 slices in the lake" drew back prologue.Yang Wei Jun who very pays attention to to construction in the city thinks a this programming existence very great problem, reason is once pushing forward urbanization sport, being greatly dismantling to greatly set up in front, the barbarism advertises for ground and dismantles to move to avoid.And, with existing environment capacity in Kunming and the resources, make to thus and large-scalely build city sport to also be unsuited to proper.Hence, Wei in the province in those early years old staff symposium up, Yang Wei Jun gives white the boon Pei lifted

the province is concentrating

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Settle whether in the clout, and result in what hurt to beat a cent, at the same time the study result still good arrive both parties of approbation.Because the accuracy and objectivity of system hardly appear the hostile opinion that both parties adjudicate a result to the air battle."Gold helmet" wins an election affirmation is end result depend ex- excellent contestant.Certainly for win affirming of contestant, not is shoot a target most can get "gold helmet", will also drive shot down number of times also get little, pass to compute shot down and be shotted down of specific value, the result depends ex- of just can acquire "gold helmet".All souths reporter, Chen Lei Henan, concentrates the whole unit that cure business to violate the rules to invite to eradicate completely new China net of"turnip job advertisement""make a detour into a person" Zheng Zhou to give or get an electric shock(reporter, Zhang Xing Jun, ) on September 18 the reporter organizes a section to learn of from Henan, currently the the province is concentrating the whole unit that cure business to publicly invite to violate the rules behavior, thus eradicate completely "turnip job nike free run 2 baratasadvertisement""make a detour into a person" to wait a phenomenon.According to the related request, to the personnel who hasn't yet a public job advertisement, as soon as the thorough check will determinedly give pure back.According to understand, is from prevention of source head and manage business unit to violate the rules into person's phenomenon, Wei organization department in Henan, province human resource and society guaranteed hall to associately release concerning further serious business unit recently into

The notice of person's discipline all saves to concentrate the whole unit that cure business publicly a job advertisement to violate the rules behavior to launch from here.Notice request, strictly forbid to evade to open job advertisement to request with various name, carry out public job advertisement the system is all saving each kind of whole overlayses of business unit of all levelses.Any is drawn up the business unit that the section approval establishes by organization, in addition to the national policy settles, according to staff personal management legal power from the superior appoint and wade airtight post etc. to indeed need to use other method selections to appoint a personnel, the novice all adopts to face to a society publicly the way of job advertisement carry on.To need  urgently of high time the talented person and post tightly lack talented person and special professional talented person, can simplify procedure and adopt to directly investigate of way job advertisement.Business unit nike free 3.0 v2 ventapublicly job advertisement want to strictly carry out to invite a scope, condition, procedure and information to release, examine to investigate, employment etc. of the rules and request , while matching the premise of inviting the post basic condition, can not establish disable and sick etc. of sex, body bias condition, can not household register, graduation college etc. is to limit sex request and determinedly eradicate completely "inner part job advertisement""turnip job advertisement""make a detour into a person" to wait phenomenal occurrence.Carry out to directly investigate a job advertisement of, should according to job advertisement the project is explicit of post quantity, learn

Li layer and profession etc. request to carry on a job advertisement, the norm operates.Invite a project to as soon as release, can not change without authorization.The Wei organization department in Henan relevant representative director reveals that develop in the concentration of whole cure activity in, didn't carry out the unit of public job advertisement to the novice, will give notification critique;To the personnel who hasn't yet a public job advertisement, as soon as check thoroughly, determinedly give pure back;To the personnel who breaches to open job advertisement discipline, according to relevant stipulate that the strict responsibility pursues.Author:Zhang Xing Jun according to The Xinhua news agency electricity premier Li Ke Qiang in State nike free run 3 baratas mujerDepartment manage to convene State Department to often work a meeting on September 17 and deploy to support a small tiny business enterprise development push further the public to start a business ten thousand many innovation, decide that building up completely is temporary salvage system, help meet an urgent need for the difficult crowd Dou bottom line difficult.Six distinctly the Cuo support a small tiny business enterprise, month below sales 30,000 dollars temporary doesn't need to collect tax a meeting assurance, while continuing to carry out a very existing small tiny business enterprise to support a policy, particularly release a new policy as follows:One is enlarge further Jian Zheng to put a power.Two is enlarge revenue from tax support.At current to the sales not more than 20,000 dollars small tiny business enterprise, individual industry and business of the months the door and other individuals temporary doesn't need the foundation of collecting the added value tax, business tax up, from October 1 this year to the end of 2015

shot machine the airplane

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And the meeting deepen to realize in the middle of gradually "realize suddenly", and continuously strengthen conviction, keep on headway.The Liberation Arm reports a picture at the beginning of September, the shot aviation soldier's troops of air force's lately a Jian resists the air battle contest to investigate to draw back to fight an act.The be so called "gold helmet" air battle of resist in, have this year come from 19 aviation soldier's trips(regiment) of 7 military district air force of 170 Jian shot machine the airplane pilot take part in, about 100 battleplanes launch the biggest air battle in history to resist in the northwest.The war of "gold helmet" represents Chinese air force to resist the tallest level of air battle training and have already held in a row up to now in 20114, air zapatillas nike free run 2force the great majority three machine troops and part two machine troopses all have already participated in to contend for.Is an examination and whet Li the effective platform of air force the Jian shot machine troops true war ability, turn to train acceleration to push forward along with air force's true war, "gold helmet" compare force the difficulty, strength and scale investigating also year by year pass to increase.This year"gold helmet" big match, whole army 19 aviation soldier's units, 170 airplane pilots take part in a game and all create a history new high that has ever had.But the amount of "gold helmet" is compressed 5, "championship unit" also only 5.Is beyond all doubt, this means unprecedented"gold helmet" is at this scale big match in, only each model number resists result

Then the airplane pilot of first can become "gold helmet", its gold content also will more foot.This"gold helmet" resists medium Jian-10 battleplanes have become to take part in of the main model be ever praised as Xu Yong, Ling Da Dun Xiao, of trump card airplane pilot is tried to fly Jian-the Jian of 10 most sorties-10 airplane chiefs tried to fly a member.Yesterday, south all the reporter interviewed Xu Yong Ling and decrypted "gold helmet" to resist a medium unknown detail.The souths are all:What is "gold helmet"'s comparing a martial fixed position ?Xu Yong Ling:"Gold helmet" is a kind of game mode of free air battle that nike free 6.0 ventagradually pushes away in recent years, represents Chinese air force to resist the tallest level of air battle training than the force.The so-called free air battle isn't doing set precondition and height bad, completely at don't know that under the condition both parties organize into teams to carry on of air battle.The souths are all:Take part in ratio force, does the airplane pilot want to have which characters?Xu Yong Ling:To three choose an airplane pilot, since want to complete all basic drivers time to count to train with basic military tactics, still need to carry on free air battle training in the troops at the same time.Ask airplane pilot to have better driver's technique and military tactics mobile ability.Have to have full understand to operation method and effect that drives aero function to include weapon, then the airplane pilot like this can win

Allow "gold helmet" game.The souths are all:"Gold helmet" ratio force isn't a live ammunition to carry on and how guarantee to come close a true war?Xu Yong Ling:The airplane that are all someones to drive than both parties of force, in consideration of safety, using the live ammunition is obviously impossible.But for coming close true war effect, we have a set of forerunner's air battle electronics valuation system now, can imitate an airplane and compare martial of each link, in addition to there being no ammunition blast-off, this system cans make and completely imitates true air battle.At the same time, "gold helmet" training has a certain competition, so even be advantageous to the ability that whets to do the stubborn combat will of airplane pilot, vivid and nike free 5.0 v4 hombremobile military tactics style and blend to the airplane weapon under the sistuation that have no nitric smoke, this kind of mode is us for these several years in order to deepen the difficulty and strength that the air force trains, try hard for to tightly stick a kind of beneficial quest that the true war carries on.The souths are all:Is the championship again how to judge and decide?Xu Yong Ling:"Gold helmet" judges and decides, is expert's personnel who is named by the military authority, pass to take objective record system as mainly according to carry on analysis to evaluate.Analyze to evaluate process to need the data that records to the system to carry on to study very meticulously, shoot a track to judge according to the guided missile(include sail cannon) imitating

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